Lambda is Arduino compatible development board. Makers can learn electronic to make new creative prototype project. It uses new chip, Atmel ATMEGA328PB with 16 Digital I/O, 8 Analog Inputs, 2 SPI, 2 I2C and 2 UART. Moreover, it also provides some basic sensors (Temperature & Humidity, 3-axis Acceleromter, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Magnetometer and Barometer). Don’t concern about programing! We use FTDI chip and also install UNO’s Optiboot bootloader, so it works with Arduino IDE, library and all UNO shield. There is voltage regulator included. You can supply power 5V 500 mA snd 3.3V 300mA through microUSB, power jack, VIN-PIN and 5V-PIN up to 25V. Lambda use all SMD components. No problem about hurt or short-circuit by board. It’s completely designed and manufactured in Thailand.




Why  Lambda?

Cheaper but provides equivalent function as Arduino UNO. Matching IO pin and compatibility with all Arduino Shield

Sensors Included
For Lambda Plus, there are Temperature & Humidity sensors, 3-axis Acceleromter, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Magnetometer and Barometer included. Easy to make new project without other sensor or shield.

SMD Technology
Lambda is assembled with SMD components by modern machine. The back of the board is smooth. Forgetting was injuries, scratches and short-circuits by boards.

Full Technical Support
With verified distributors and manufacturer. You will be taken care whether as libraries or user guidance.